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Mathematics, Statistics

University of Mobile

Why did you choose alta?

I chose alta because students learn at different rates, and the adaptive homework allows them to master the learning objectives at their own pace. At my last institution, we were required to use another online homework site that was not adaptive, and it did not address differences in students and the time it takes them to master learning objectives.

How do you use alta?

I currently use alta in my Elementary Statistics, Prealgebra and Elementary Algebra courses. In my Statistics classes, I use alta for 80% of assignments which include homework, quizzes and tests. In my Algebra classes, I use it for homework, which counts for 30% of their grade.

How did alta impact student performance in your course?

My students are doing very well using alta. I had a student this semester who failed the course previously with another instructor, due to not understanding the homework and doing poorly on quizzes and tests. She thanked me for using alta because she was able to master all the learning objectives at her own pace.

How effective was alta in helping your students achieve proficiency?

To measure alta’s impact on student proficiency, we analyzed the results that G's students achieved working in alta.

What advice would you give instructors considering adopting alta to help get them started?

Use the customer service at Knewton. I have been so impressed with the high level of personal support.

Knewton's 2017 Student Data Insights

To measure alta’s impact on mastery across instructors, institutions and disciplines, Knewton analyzed the results of more than 10,000 students who used alta in 2017. The high-level findings:

  • Students using alta demonstrate proficiency by completing assignments at high rates.
  • Completing alta assignments is directly correlated with better performance on summative assessments.
  • Alta provides the biggest benefit to students who need it most.