Carrington College

Basic Math

Carrington College

Why did you choose alta?

Carrington College adopted alta to eliminate the need for textbooks and to provide students with a more supportive online environment. Alta’s simple explanations help students better understand their errors and correct solutions and reward students by moving them forward.

How do you use alta in your course?

Work in alta covers over 90% of the final course grade. The course is fully online and meets in a lab.

How did alta impact student performance in your course?

Struggling students take more time to do the assignments, and get more problems to solve, but between working problems and the instructional presentations and learning videos, students have every opportunity to learn the material. As a result, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the student’s grades.  There is an increase of higher percentage (10 to 20 percent) of grades in the 80% or above range.

How effective was alta in helping your students achieve proficiency?

To measure alta’s impact on student proficiency, we analyzed the results that Jack's students achieved working in alta.

What do you like most about alta?

I especially like the ease of tracking both students’ individual progress as well as the class overview analytics. I also appreciate the periodic emails on Challenging Learning Objectives by Assignment. These have links to problem areas and identify which students are struggling. This give me an opportunity to communicate with students directly for one-on-one coaching.

Knewton's 2017 Student Data Insights

To measure alta’s impact on mastery across instructors, institutions and disciplines, Knewton analyzed the results of more than 10,000 students who used alta in 2017. The high-level findings:

  • Students using alta demonstrate proficiency by completing assignments at high rates.
  • Completing alta assignments is directly correlated with better performance on summative assessments.
  • Alta provides the biggest benefit to students who need it most.