St. Louis Community College


St. Louis Community College

Why did you choose alta?

I chose to use OER, specifically OpenStax, two years ago due to many students’ financial limitations. I looked into courseware options with OpenStax partners and found alta by Knewton. Alta was the only option that adapted to my individual students’ areas of weakness. By incorporating alta into my classes, I’ve given my students a platform that addresses their specific needs!

How do you use alta?

I use alta in six different math courses as a homework system, at 15% toward my students’ final grade.
How effective was alta in helping your students achieve proficiency?
To measure alta’s impact on student proficiency, we analyzed the results that Sharon's students achieved working in alta.

What do you like most about alta?

The adaptive nature of the product gives students a review of prerequisite topics when and where they need it. Also, the courses are easy to adapt to our state and district’s required student learning outcomes. Alta is the perfect companion courseware to our new redesigned pathways courses with corequisites, because the corequisite student support is already built in.

How is alta a good option for instructors who are going through redesign?

The alta platform allows instructors to choose their own learning objectives from a whole suite of topics making it easy to use in any redesign model. The alta content team is extremely knowledgeable and creative in their mapping of the course content. They are also willing and able to support instructors who are creating new redesigned courses. The team has been invaluable in their contribution to designing content that aligns to the pathways/corequisite initiatives in Missouri.

Knewton's 2017 Student Data Insights

To measure alta’s impact on mastery across instructors, institutions and disciplines, Knewton analyzed the results of more than 10,000 students who used alta in 2017. The high-level findings:

  • Students using alta demonstrate proficiency by completing assignments at high rates.
  • Completing alta assignments is directly correlated with better performance on summative assessments.
  • Alta provides the biggest benefit to students who need it most.