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Redesigning your math curriculum to include corequisite courses?

Redesigning your math curriculum to include corequisite courses?

Redesigning your math curriculum to include corequisite courses?

Friday, November 16, 10:20 AM to 11:35 AM

Join math instructors Sharon North, Professor, St. Louis Community College and Andrew Moore, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at National Louis University along with Michelle Greco, General Manager, Knewton as they discuss math redesign.

The session will focus on the challenges and opportunities presented by redesigning the developmental math curriculum, the impact of redesign on choosing course materials, and how adaptive technology such as alta, Knewton's fully integrated, adaptive learning courseware, supports redesign goals.

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Meet our Knerds

Adam Rooke

General Manager, North


Amber Shoffey

Solutions Architect


Angie Foster

Solutions Architect


Chris Zajac

Executive Director, Partnerships


Lindsey Edson

Executive Director, Partnerships


Michelle Greco

General Manager, West


Salim Bradley

General Manager, Southeast


Andrew Jones

Data Scientist


Doug Hughes

Chief Product Officer


Eric Stano

Senior Director, Content


Heather Sheldstad

Vice President, Marketing


Meet our Knerdvocates

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at National Louis University, where he is the Content Lead Instructor in mathematics for their innovative Pathways program. This initiative uses a combination of blended online/face-to-face classes, self-directed study, personalized coaching and clear curricular pathways to help students complete their degrees efficiently and inexpensively. Andrew has experience in higher education, secondary education and special education.

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Sharon North

Sharon North is a Mathematics Professor at St. Louis Community College, where she has taught up and across the curriculum from developmental math through calculus and statistics. She is a passionate advocate of Open Educational Resources (OER), and is currently serving as a State of Missouri Co-requisites at Scale in Mathematics Task Force representative.

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