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Make sure you’re ready for whatever this semester throws your way. We’ve outlined some of the best ways for our Knerds to use Knewton Alta to overcome common challenges and empower you to do what you do best – teach!

Read our Implementation Guide

Whether in-person, online, or anything in between, Knewton Alta brings a personalized learning experience to any type of course design. Alta can be flexibly integrated in a variety of settings to meet the precise needs of instructors and students.

Download our implementation guide!

Keep our Quick Start Guide and Knerd Manual handy

Download our Quick Start Guide or our complete Knerd Manual for the latest comprehensive training on how to use Knewton Alta in your classroom.

  • Quick Start Guide – Do you have quick question as you set up or manage your courses? This guide is an easy reference for you to find what you need.
  • Knerd Manual – For detailed instructions on how to get going with Alta, plus advice on how to make the most out of your adaptive learning course, download our full manual.

Visit our Support Center

Do you have a quick question or are trying to troubleshoot an issue you’re having? Our Support Center provides dozens of articles on course set-up, registration, how to effectively use our software in your lessons, and other important topics.

Visit our Support Center!

Watch our video tutorials

Does it help if you can see how to do something yourself? Watch our video tutorials for in-depth explanations of Alta’s features.

Watch our videos!

Join our Knerd Studio

Our Knerd Studio lets you…

  • be the first to find out about NEW Knewton Alta features
  • connect with fellow Knerds for ideas, inspiration, and insider tips and tricks
  • influence the Knewton Alta roadmap by sharing your feedback
  • get recognized for being an A-list Knerd with a free T-shirt and other awesome gifts and rewards

Plus, signing up enters you for a chance to win one of Wiley’s Stay the Course Grants, which provides $500 to help a student of your choice persist in their educational journey!

Read more about these offers… or join the Knerd Studio now!

Connect with our Peer Advisors

Our Peer Advisors are here to provide one-on-one advice on anything from on instructional design, course development, Alta best practices, online or hybrid teaching strategy, and more.

You can connect with someone directly in your field to get discipline-specific ideas to make your course more relevant and intuitive, while establishing a better understanding of tactics and techniques to improve student outcomes.

Meet our advisors!

Refer a colleague, earn rewards

With our referral program in the Knerd Studio you can earn up to 10,000 reward points – redeemable for gift cards and Knerd swag—just for introducing us to start the conversation!

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Find new fashion through the Knerd Store

Looking to expand your wardrobe? This is your one stop shop for Knerd gear! From socks and hats, to a variety of our famous T-Shirts.

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