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Greetings from Wiley!

I want to personally express my excitement for Wiley’s acquisition of Knewton, which I will be leading.

Let me reassure you that we are integrating Knewton into our Wiley education business and remain 100% committed to you and your students. We will continue  to support Knewton’s Alta and enterprise solutions fully. In fact, we plan to expand the Alta catalog to support more courses, and continue to invest in the platform as well.

It’s important you hear this directly from me – your prices will not change. You will also continue to receive the excellent support you’ve grown accustomed to from Knewton, with additional support from our Wiley team!

Why are we so excited about the Knewton acquisition?

  • We believe in Knewton’s mission to improve learning outcomes and access through affordable learning solutions. Knewton’s mission aligns with Wiley’s beautifully, as we are committed to creating and delivering the highest-quality content and courseware that leads to better skill mastery and learning outcomes.
  • Alta enables us to continue to expand our affordable learning solutions portfolio. We’ve already been making progress on this front via inclusive access and print rental programs. In fact, it is a personal mission of mine to expand and extend our affordability initiatives. Our acquisition of Knewton will help accelerate those efforts.
  • We are excited by Knewton’s technology, capabilities, and talent. We know we are acquiring world-class technology and will be welcoming incredible Knewton talent into the Wiley family with great excitement!

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to becoming part of the Knerd community.

Renée Altier
Vice President and General Manager, Digital Education