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Join our Knerd Studio for a chance to win a $500 grant for a student in need

What’s better than a free Knerd shirt? How about winning a $500 Stay the Course Grant to help a student of your choice persist in their educational journey?

Join our Knerd Studio where you can:

  • Be the first to find out about new Knewton Alta features.
  • Connect with fellow Knerds for ideas, inspiration, and insider tips and tricks.
  • Influence the Knewton Alta roadmap by sharing your feedback.
  • Get recognized for being an A-list Knerd with awesome gifts and rewards.

You’ll receive a promo code for a free “knerd” shirt just for joining, and if you complete our back-to-school community challenges, you’ll be entered to win a $500 Stay the Course Grant for one of your students in need. Just log in using your Alta account, claim your promo code for The Knerd Store, and enter for your chance to win!


Join the Knerd Studio

Complete our short online form using the code BTS22, and you’ll be signed up for these special offers and more!



More Resources

If you’re looking for quick tips to get started on a new semester, find all of the Knewton Alta training resources in one place by visiting our Support Center.