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We took a look at what the 20M students attending American colleges look like, how they prefer to learn, and what’s stopping them from graduating.

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College today vaguely resembles what it looked like 20, 10, or even five years ago. We’re serving a more diverse student population than ever before, and the skills we’re teaching are for jobs that never before existed. First time college-goers are on the rise, in part, because a high school diploma no longer cuts it in today’s knowledge-based economy. And with the cost of college—combined with this more economically-diverse student body—more and more students are attending part time (37% to be exact) so they can balance work and school.

What’s more, with an increase in students attending college, more students are entering higher education at varied levels. Young people stuck in the cycle of remedial coursework is costing families over $1.5B annually.

With all this change, we know the ways that we educate students needs to change. Students expect learning to happen at their fingertips, and they expect it to be personalized the way that all other aspects of their lives are personalized.

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