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Earlier this summer, Knewton hosted its first national Knerd Camp, bringing together adopters from across the country to discuss all things alta with our staff knerds.

Knewton’s “knerdvocates” played a key role in making the meeting a success. Knerdvocates are educators who use alta to drive student success in their own courses and help others do the same in theirs through peer coaching, best practices, and thought leadership.

During the 2-day Knerd Camp, instructors were able to experience the day in the life of a Knewton Knerd in New York City. Sharing Knewton’s vision of “putting achievement in reach for everyone,” attendees discussed their teaching challenges, offered advice, and collaborated with each other and staff Knerds on even better ways to help students using alta. They also got the behind-the-scenes view into the data science behind alta, and enjoyed a preview of the newly enhanced interface with the Knewton team of technology product developers, data scientists, and support team.

Instructor, Shawn Shields commented, “I really learned a lot from this event in terms of how it works and hearing others’ experiences and best practices. I ended up with quite a few good ideas from others that I can modify and add to my course,confirming how important it is to give educators opportunities for peer-to-peer coaching in a comfortable, positive setting.

Passion was also a recurring theme, with Knerdvocates becoming inspired by the passion of the Knerd learning community–”I loved the opportunity to talk with the Knerds who were so passionate about what they do…{….}. the Knerds genuinely care about what they do. You can’t fake that kind of passion and dedication,” indicated instructor, Melanie Yosko

Knerd Camp was rounded out with a cruise on the Hudson to visit New York City’s famous trademarks and dinner at the suitably named tapas restaurant, alta.

Building on the success of our first national Knerd Camp, Knewton is planning to expand the program with a series of regional Knerd Camps for instructors who are interested in learning more about alta. Keep your eyes open for one in your area.