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Today, we’re excited to launch alta, Knewton’s fully adaptive courseware for higher education.

You can explore this site (or read our press release) for more details, but here are a few things I’m especially excited to call out:

  • Alta is affordable: Available at $44 per course, alta delivers an affordable and impactful teaching and learning experience that combines Knewton’s adaptive learning technology with high-quality openly available content.
  • Alta is accessible to all learners: its technology, content and user experience are all WCAG 2.0 AA-level ADA compliant.
  • Alta helps students achieve mastery: Every assignment in alta is tied to learning objectives that have been selected by the instructor for their course. When students successfully complete an assignment in alta, they demonstrate mastery of the assignment’s learning objectives. If a student struggles to complete an assignment in alta, Knewton’s adaptive technology dynamically diagnoses and remediates the student’s knowledge gaps with instructional content and assessment personalized to help them achieve mastery.

Our CEO, Brian Kibby, sees alta as part of a movement for better results and lower costs for college students.

“Students and instructors have been taken for granted by textbook publishers for too long. They deserve a better experience at a more affordable price,” said Knewton CEO Brian Kibby. “We designed every aspect of alta to empower instructors to put achievement within reach for their students, from its affordability and accessibility to its ability to help all learners achieve mastery.”

We look forward to bringing you more updates about alta in the weeks ahead!