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Knewton partners with Arizona State University to Keep Students on Track to Graduation

Knewton ASUThis morning, we’re excited to announce a partnership that brings Knewton’s Adaptive Learning Platform™ to the college campus.

Starting in spring 2011, Arizona State University Online will use the Knewton platform to tackle a growing challenge for schools across the country: making sure students have the core skills they need to stay on track to graduation.

Our adaptive platform currently powers our test prep courses, and starting this year ASU Online will use it to customize learning in two of its core classes: College Algebra and College Math. With the platform’s concept-level reporting and adaptive practice tools, ASU can personalize its course content so it meets the needs of every learner.

This partnership also marks the debut of a new program we’re really excited about: Knewton Math Readiness for College. It’s an interactive video course that creates a unique learning path for everyone who uses it. For students who require additional help when arriving at ASU, Knewton Readiness will provide the exact instruction they need to move on to their core classes.

You can learn more about the ways Knewton is partnering with ASU, and other schools and universities at knewton.com/math-readiness/


Knewton Announces Completion of $12.5 Million Financing Led by FirstMark Capital

Funding to accelerate and to launch revolutionary adaptive learning platform

New York, NY (April 19, 2010) — Knewton, a leading educational technology company announced today that it has completed a $12.5 million round of funding led by FirstMark Capital, a New York City-based venture capital firm with a strong foothold in the City’s tech and entrepreneurial communities. Returning investors include Accel Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, First Round Capital, and angel investor Reid Hoffman. Knewton’s new financing will accelerate expansion to meet the surging demand for its adaptive learning engine, which uses proprietary algorithms to identify and address each student’s unique needs.

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Knewton to be Mentioned in New Book

This post was written by Josh Anish.

The Edupunks are back. And we’re punkier than Punky Brewster (or does that reference disqualify us?).

Expanding on her piece on How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education, which also gives Knewton a shout out, Fast Company writer and author Anya Kamenetz has written an entire book on Do-It-Yourself Education.

Jose will be quoted and we’ll be featured in the reference guide for self-learners.

The book comes out April 1 (no joke), but you can pre-order it now.

That is all.

Knewton Gets Some Great Press

We’re all really excited about a few features that came out this week.  We knew our customers were happy, but it’s also rewarding to see that our hard work is generating some buzz.

BusinessWeek. In the magazine’s bi-annual review of the best GMAT prep courses on the market, the former CEO of Kaplan says “I hate to say it, but Knewton has rendered every other test prep company totally obsolete.” The article concludes that “Knewton, with its all-online format, is convenient for just about anyone and might be a particularly good solution for those who travel often or like to spend many hours online.” And that “By eliminating costs, such as rent and supplies for classrooms, and the travel costs you’d have to spend to get to the class, Knewton is also one of the most affordable options available.” Read the full piece here.

FastCompany. Anya Kamenetz, in her article about how “Edupunks” are transforming education, quotes our CEO, Jose Ferreira, as saying “The Internet disrupts any industry whose core product can be reduced to ones and zeros.” The article went on to mention Knewton as one of the companies cutting down big trees in the online education forest. Read the whole thing here.

In yet another piece, FastComapany listed Knewton as one of the “5 Startups to Watch.” Citing that we “promise to customize content for each student, down to the concept level, with integrated assessment tools.” Check out the full list here.

Knewton Tops Digital Education Category at AO Global 250 Awards

Knewton_logo_processcolor_thickerDigital Education
Category Winner
Company Name: Knewton
URL: www.knewton.com
Headquarters: New York, NY
CEO: Jose Ferreira

From the AlwaysOn website:

“With the 2009 AO 250, we sought to find the companies upon which new industries, jobs, and economies will be built. Yes, each company in its own way brings enhanced efficiencies (the gentler form of creative destruction). But more importantly, the companies represented in this list bring hope. No industry can produce jobs, wealth, and economic momentum like the technology industry. Both directly and indirectly what propels the global economy are new ideas and approaches. The AO 250 is the epicenter of the future.

With this list, we launch the coverage of a new category: Digital Education. In an economic landscape where industries are constantly morphing, and where social safety nets are becoming increasingly porous, we need new and innovative approaches to education. People will have longer and more eclectic professional lives, and as such, will need an entirely new mental toolsets. From companies like Knewton and Grockit, which are developing new models for test preparation, to Lumos Labs, which is working to keep minds fit, brains must last longer and do more than ever before.”

Read the whole article here.