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CMU Knerd Talk, and Why Two Alums Chose Knewton [VIDEO]

Over the next few months, we’ll be trekking around the country to visit college engineering programs and recruit a few good Knerds.

Our first stop is Carnegie Mellon, which just happens to be the alma mater of two of Knewton’s greatest data scientists. We made a short video about how George and Jesse’s experiences in Pittsburgh helped shape their careers as Knerds. Take a look, and meet George in the flesh at our campus Knerd Talk on January 25!

Check out the Facebook event for the details.


Top Five Knewton Videos of the Year

Here at Knewton, we make a lot of videos. Some have instructional content for students, some have information about our products, and some are made just for fun. (And no, you may not see the ignominious footage from our annual holiday party. That video will be released 75 years after all of our deaths.)

But just in cased you missed any of our videos, we thought it would be fun to release our five favorite videos from the last year. It’s a mixed bag of academia, silliness, and Stormtroopers, just like the people who work here.

Without further ado…

1. Behind the Scenes at Knewton Hack Day

You’re telling me I get paid to smash stuff with a sledgehammer? Where do I sign up?


2. Knewton Job Profiles

Find out how Trevor navigates a world filled with coding and Lord Vader’s evil henchmen…


…while Jesse uses his Ph.D in Data Science to act like a six-year old on a beach.


3. Knewton Roundtable

Listen to three heavy-hitters from the adaptive world talk business in this six-part series.

4. Knewton Brownbags

Knewton employees regularly share their independent research and work with other Knewton employees over lunch. And now, we bring those discussions to you! (WARNING: Do not click if you don’t enjoy dorky jokes.)











5. The Week We Built a Lego Death Star (Time Lapse)

Our software developers needed a fully armed and operational place to live.


Our New Year’s resolution is to keep bringing you more videos! Let us know what you’d like to see, and you just might find it in the Knewton Blog in 2012.

Happy Holidays!

Favorite Videos from Other Companies in 2011

Like any good startup, we’re always looking out for cool ways other businesses, be they big, small, new or established, are putting their public-facing image out on the web.

Here are five of my favorite eye-catching company-made videos of 2011…

1. Google Flight Search 

Sometimes, a very clear POV explanation of cool new features is more powerful than an over-edited, marketing-ish video.

2. Santa Uses Siri

Getting a celebrity to endorse your product never hurts.

3. Meet the Class of Twitter HQ

The greatest recruiting tool on earth? Showing the world that you work with a bunch of cool people.

4. FedEx Dominoes

Shocking to learn, but as it turns out, if you’re a huge company with a mega-advertising budget, you can make really cool videos!

5. Wistia video tracking

A perfect example of the “show and tell” style of marketing. Plus, I’m a huge sucker for stop-motion animation. (Click over to the Wistia homepage to check it out.)

Any videos we missed? Let us know!


This Could Be Paradise: Knewton Hack Day [VIDEO]

When you work at a tech startup, there are a few basic expectations: 1) big-screen Macs, 2) lots of office snacks, 3) a casual dress code, and 4) the opportunity to make a Coldplay music video with the company COO.

Wait… back up a minute.

That’s right, on Knewton’s most recent Hack Day, I found myself working with David Liu to produce a music video set to one of his three-year-old son’s favorite songs: Coldplay’s “Paradise.”

The whole thing was filmed on an iPhone and put together pretty quickly, thanks to the expert work of Kristen Tracey. Still, the finished product somehow manages to capture the Knewton ethos in a way no corporate collateral ever could. Be sure to watch until at least 2:25, when one of New York Tech’s 20 “Most Poachable Players” makes a compelling argument for why, in fact, Knewton may be the only place he’ll ever fit in.




The Week We Constructed a Lego Death Star [VIDEO]

In the spirit of the holidays, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at one of our favorite presents from last year: a Lego Death Star. Jose, our founder and CEO, bought the enormous Lego kit as a gift to the office last holiday season. Naturally, we set up a camera and recorded everything that happened next.

Watch as Knewton employees build the full Lego Death Star over the course of a week in this timelapse video:


Job Profiles at Knewton: Trevor Smith, Software Engineer [VIDEO]

Knewton employs several dozen software engineers, all of them writing lines of code that bridge modular algorithms to…uh…okay, you caught me. I don’t really understand what they do. I’m not a coder. But that’s why I rely on guys like Trevor Smith to put into plain English what he and the tech team have been up to recently.

Check out this video of Trevor explaining what it’s like working on the tech side at Knewton.

P.S. Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Check out our job listings here.


Check out more job profile videos here.



As anyone who was there can attest, EDUCAUSE 2011 was an awesome conference — awesome, and busy. We had a great time chatting with other attendees, demoing our college readiness course in the exhibit hall, and soaking up as much edtech expertise and enthusiasm as possible.

Our video guy Ian put together a time lapse video of people moving through the EDUCAUSE exhibit hall. See if you can spot yourself!


The music in the video is by Dubology.

Dizzying, right?

Beyond marveling at the sheer number of people in the exhibit hall, the other highlight of our conference experience was hearing your visions of the next generation of learning. Our team spent two days roaming the exhibit hall, asking attendees to answer one simple question:

What do you see as the future of education?

From cloud computing to mobile learning to personalized education, your answers covered all the latest tech innovations. Other predictions: “global,” “accessible,” “challenging,” and “very different” (now there’s a vision we can get behind!).

We entered each respondent into a drawing for an iPad; Bob Cape, the CIO of the College of Charleston, was the lucky winner.

What was the highlight of your EDUCAUSE experience?



Job Profiles at Knewton: Jesse St. Charles, Data Scientist [VIDEO]

Here at Knewton we have developers and designers, product managers and marketers, content developers and customer service specialists.

We also have data scientists.

Ever wonder what, exactly, data scientists do — or what their work has to do with sandcastles and Star Trek? Check out this video featuring Knewton’s own Jesse St. Charles for the answers to all these questions, plus a glimpse at why data scientists are such a key component of the Knewton team.


For more job profiles, click here.

The EdTweet Show: The Book of the Future, Math Readiness, and More [VIDEO]

In this week’s EdTweet Show, hosts Jess and Dave recap another set of their favorite edtech tweets of the week. Check out news about the book of the future, college math preparation, and more.


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