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Wiley is committed to a culture of continuous improvement with Knewton Alta, which is why we are always engaging instructors and students to gather feedback and optimize the learning experience moving forward.

We also understand that this is a challenging time for both instructors and students, as many of you are acting quickly to move your courses online. Wiley and the Knewton Alta team have worked to compile a collection of resources and best practices for moving to, and teaching in, an on-line format. You can explore this collection here.

As always, we are very cautious with our product releases to ensure minimal disruption during the semester, while continuing to provide an ever-improving experience for you and your students.

Below you will find information on enhancements made to Knewton Alta during the month of March. If you haven’t looked at Knewton Alta in a while, you’re missing something special.

Instructor Control of Question Order in Assessments

More control over your course and assessments means a more personalized experience.

  • You now have the ability to order the questions on the assessment home page by dragging and dropping to suit your needs.
  • Question cards can be expanded or collapsed for easier dragging and dropping while reordering questions in your assessment.
  • There are two easy-to-use views for reviewing your a. You can view by objective, or by question order.
  • Custom questions can now appear exactly where you want them to within your assessment!

To get more instruction on creating an assessment, check out this video and guide.


Anticipated Spring Releases

Hey Knerds! Welcome to the future! We are working hard to improve the Knewton Alta experience and wanted to share some of our upcoming planned releases, just to give you a clearer picture of where we are headed.

 Better Visibility

  • Label and Filter mode of work: Easily see work done on prerequisite materials versus on assigned learning objectives. Identify work done before assignment completion, as well as extra practice.
  • Filter History by Objective: Filter student history by learning objective to better understand the path to mastery for a specific objective – and what instruction or prerequisite support the student utilized.
  • Question Response Details: On review of work completed, this update will provide additional details about how long students worked on a specific question or reviewed instruction.

Improved Student Context

The update will help students to better understand their path to mastery and provide transparency into the type of work that has been completed. A select number of instructors will be piloting this semester to provide feedback on what works best. The new experience will be available to all in May, once the semester has concluded.

  • Better progress bars focused on the learning objective:
    This update will inform students of their progress on each learning objective, as well as their overall mastery in the assignment. This change will also signal to students whether they are working on assigned or prerequisite learning objectives.
  • Per-topic estimates of duration: This update will provide more transparency so users can easily see the number of questions anticipated before topic completion, helping student to manage their work time.


Currently Being Researched for Future Release

Review Insights to better prepare for quizzes and tests

  • We’re chatting with instructors right now to examine how Alta can provide best insight into how ready your class is for an upcoming test such that your students (and you!) can better prioritize what to review and achieve best results.
  • If you’re interested in providing feedback on this future enhancement, please complete this quick survey in the Knerd Studio here!


Check out the Knewton Blog each month to see the improvements we’ve made to Knewton Alta.