GMAT prep forum

A GMAT prep forum is an extremely valuable resource for anyone preparing for the test. GMAT prep forums give you the chance to hear from and interact with fellow students, many of whom probably share the same questions and concerns as you. Also, representatives from test prep companies or other academic agencies will frequently post in a GMAT prep forum, either clarifying questions about their products or offering insight in terms of how you can best prepare for the exam.

A crash course in GMAT prep forum etiquette

If you’re not a frequent user of Internet forums, but want to get in on the action in preparation for your GMAT exam, here are a few helpful etiquette guidelines.

  • Before you post, check out the particular usage guidelines of the forum. If you want the privilege of getting free GMAT feedback, you’ve got to play by the rules.
  • Pay attention to the categories laid out in the forum and post appropriately. It’s frustrating to other users when posts aren’t correctly placed; plus, you’ll get better feedback when your question is in the right place.
  • Review and edit your post. Remember, you’re not chatting with friends on IM. Be respectful of your fellow forum participants and be as clear as possible.
  • Be patient with other users, particularly those who are new and just getting acquainted with the dynamics of the forum.
  • Avoid re-posting any content that may result in copyright infringement. If you have a question about something in a textbook or publication, try paraphrasing or citing.
  • Don’t forget about permanence. You put something out there, and it stays out there. Remember to treat fellow posters like classmates, not pals or family.
  • Contribute! A GMAT prep forum is a great resource for getting help, but it’s wise to pay it forward as well.

A GMAT prep forum is a fantastic and free resource that everyone preparing for the GMAT should take advantage of. Use GMAT prep forums to supplement your prep—but remember, a forum is no substitute for a full GMAT prep course.

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