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Getting ready for the GMAT? Knewton can help. Whether you’re a test-taking veteran or just starting your practice, we’ll give you the tools you need to prep for exam day. One of the best ways to prepare—as a supplement to top-notch instruction—is to take several GMAT practice tests.

The Knewton GMAT course includes 6 practices tests at no additional cost. You won’t find better CATs anywhere.

Unfortunately, Knewton no longer offers a free practice prior to beginning the course. You’ll enjoy all 6 computer adaptive tests once you’re enrolled.

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Practice tests are essential because they simulate the test day experience. You can run through practice problems to tackle individual concepts, but full tests hone a skill you can’t improve through drills alone—timing. Even if you breeze through sections like Data Sufficiency and Sentence Correction, on the day of the test you’ll need to stay sharp and focused from start to finish. For the best GMAT practice, full exams are a definite must.

That’s why Knewton gives you 6 full-length CATs. By the end of our online GMAT preparation course you’ll know exactly how to pace yourself and you’ll also be ready for the questions you’ll see on exam day. Looking for a real edge on the GMAT? All of our CATs were built by the developers of the actual exam components. To prep the smartest, you need the most complete and most test-like practice you can get. The GMAT is adaptive—your GMAT practice tests should be as well.

A full-length test is a great place to start. Once you enroll in our GMAT course, you’ll get access to six CATs—all featuring the test-like algorithms you’ll encounter on exam day.

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