Happy (almost) back to school! This month, get Jose's take on how elite higher ed brands will fare in the era of online learning, and read about our Symposium with Clayton Christensen and other education leaders.

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Disrupting Higher Ed: Thoughts from the Knewton Symposium

By Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder & CEO
"When I was in business school, I was taught that Coca-Cola was the world’s most powerful brand. But that’s plain wrong: elite universities are the world’s most powerful brands. No one ultimately cares all that much whether their daughter has a Coke or a Pepsi, do they? But they would do nearly anything to send her to an elite university."

At Knewton's first Symposium on higher education last month, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen discussed his theory of disruptive innovation, the process by which a product enters at the bottom of the market and then moves up to displace higher-market competitors. The PC disrupted the mainframe; cell phones disrupted landlines; discount stores disrupted department stores.

Could online course delivery disrupt higher education institutions in the same way? Is it possible that within decades the cachet of Ivy League schools could be gone? In this deep dive, Jose explores why employers care about elite universities now — and why they might soon move on. Read more ›
Designing the Future of Higher Education
Last month, we hosted the first Knewton Symposium, “Designing the Future of Higher Education” at the Four Seasons in Boston. With 30 education leaders from the private and public sector in attendance, the event was a rare opportunity to discuss and debate solutions to education’s biggest challenges. How can we improve online tools for students? How can we expand access and improve distribution? How can we cut costs while maintaining — or ideally, improving — learning outcomes? And what, ultimately, is in store for higher education over the next decade? Read more ›
Ed Efforts We Admire
Ever since Knewton moved to a new office last summer, we’ve hosted a ton of meetups. One of our favorites has been the NYEdTech meetup, which focuses on the opportunities and challenges of education technology, and how tech can be used responsibly to help students learn. Read more ›
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Things we like this month
Edtech Women: According to the National Center of Education Statistics, over 75% of teachers are female. Yet like most tech fields, the edtech industry has been much more male-centric. Edtech Women, a “networked community of women in edtech” is just one organization working to make sure that women’s voices are heard in this time of growth and change. Kickoff meetings in at least three cities — Baltimore, Austin, and DC — are happening in the next few months.

Back to School: It’s that time again... Here are 50 great edtech blogs to follow this school year from GettingSmart. New teachers might want to check out the weekly New Teacher Chat on Twitter (#ntchat), every Wednesday evening. Finally, edublogger Shelly Terrell has 10 tips for surviving the first month of school.
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