We can all agree that higher education is very expensive. Will things ever change? Jose tackles the issue in this month's feature. Read on!

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The Unbundling of Higher Education

By Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder & CEO
To help justify exorbitant prices, universities bundle services like mad — courses, research, housing, athletics, extracurriculars, the arts. We've seen unbundling play out in countless industries, from air travel to music to news. Will the same happen in higher ed?

In this month's post, Jose explores the potential of online education to force the unbundling of the university and lower costs for everyone. Read more ›
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Knewton @ SXSWedu
Heading to SXSWedu? We'll be there too. Knewton Founder and CEO Jose Ferreira will be speaking on a panel about the classroom of the future on Wednesday, March 5. Director of Marketing Robbie Mitchell, Senior Manager of Product Development Mark Georgiev, Director of Business Development Sara Ittelson, BD Associate Josh Daniels, Senior Manager of BD Kristen Weeks, and BD Manager Erin Wilson will also be in Austin.
Knewton founder and CEO Jose Ferreira will be speaking.
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