Happy New Year! In this issue, our CEO Jose Ferreira explores the potential impact of education technology on the Digital Divide. Read on.

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The Digital Divide and America's Achievement Gap

by Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder and CEO
Unequal resource distribution in schools is one of the most troublesome problems in education today, in both rich and poor nations. Wealthier students benefit from better funded schools, with higher paid teachers, better facilities, and newer materials. Poorer kids are left behind.

The steady growth of digital technology in learning has widened that resource imbalance. This phenomenon, the “Digital Divide,” receives a great deal of attention. Oddly, it receives more attention than do the other imbalances. Read more ›
Introducing Six New Knerds
Meet Mike, Julia, Ilya, Ashley, Dan, and Dimitriy ›
Platform and Apps: How a Shared Infrastructure Benefits Learners
by David Liu, Knewton COO
I often get asked about Knewton’s choice to be a technology infrastructure provider rather than an app developer. I wanted to share our thinking with a wider audience.

Why build a platform to help others make adaptive apps? Why not just make them ourselves? Read more ›
Knewton News
We’re excited to announce that Knewton has partnered with Cengage Learning, one of the largest U.S. publishers in higher education.  Read more ›
ELTJam's four-part interview with Knewton COO David Liu and Client Manager Sally Searby explores how adaptive learning and big data can work with and improve English Language Teaching (ELT).  Read more ›
In this video, Director of Business Development Charlie Harrington speaks at the Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting about challenges and new trends in publishing.
ASTD Tech Knowledge 2014
Knewton Implementation Architect Megan Bowe will be speaking.
BETT 2014: Powering Learning
NY Open Stats Meetup: Obtaining, Scrubbing, and Exploring Data at the Command Line
Future of Education: Alternative Education and Innovation Schools in New York
Hosted by Be Social Change and Knewton.
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