On the heels of the 2014 Knewton Symposium, Jose discusses the potential impact of OER. What effect will these free resources have on publishers?

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OER and the Future of Publishing

by Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder and CEO
I recently returned from the Knewton Education Symposium. Like last year’s Symposium, it was a blast for anyone involved with education — a 48-hour party for the mind. We had great participation from higher ed, K-12, and international markets. We had incredible discussions led by university presidents, teachers, and publishing company CEOs. And I had the opportunity to interview Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, our keynote speaker, which was a huge treat for me and all the other attendees. She was fantastic! Warm, fun, funny, super smart, and extremely candid. (More on the Symposium here.)

I opened the Symposium with a talk about disruptions I think are about to affect different parts of the education industry. One of those sectors is textbooks. Publishers have traditionally been low-margin businesses with huge infrastructure costs in content creation and distribution. I observed that quite soon Open Educational Resources (OER) will make free content possible at scale, and digital technologies will make free distribution possible. So how will publishers evolve? Read more ›
The 2014 Knewton Symposium: Designing the Future of Digital Education
Our team just returned from San Francisco, where Knewton hosted the 2014 Knewton Symposium: Designing the Future of Digital Education.

Last year’s Symposium focused primarily on higher ed in North America. This year’s event took a wider perspective, bringing together international leaders from K-12, higher ed, startups, and government to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital education. Topics ranged from blended learning models to the burgeoning international ed tech landscape to women in technology. The highlight of the conference was Tuesday, when Knewton Founder and CEO Jose Ferreira engaged Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in a spirited conversation on foreign policy, domestic affairs, and education. Read more ›
Technology in Service of Humans
by David Liu, Knewton COO
When it comes to adaptive learning technology, critics sometimes frame it as a rehash of prior attempts to improve or replace teaching — or, pejoratively, to “automate” it. How is Knewton different from B.F. Skinner’s teaching machine (1950s), PLATO’s computer-assisted instruction (1960s-70s), and today’s myriad adaptive learning apps?

Knewton’s technological innovations alone are significant, but that’s a topic for another post. Putting that aside, the most important difference is that Knewton is seeking to support — rather than replace — the human process of teaching with technological tools. Read more ›
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Movers and Shakers
Dr. Joe Mazza serves as the Innovation Leadership Manager at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. Mazza authors a blog on all things related to teaching, learning, and leadership. Check out #PTchat, his Twitter chat on building successful school-home partnerships.
"The future is about integrated education, not digital education. Digital education is just a tool."
-Michael Crow, ASU president, at the 2014 Knewton Symposium
Sao Paolo Book Fair
The event will run through August 31.
Beijing International Book Fair
The event will run through August 31.
Ed Tech 101
Collaborative learning refers to any situation in which multiple people learn or attempt to learn something together and thereby capitalize on each other’s skills and knowledge. The concept is related to Vygotsky’s “zone of proximal development” which holds that students are first able to do something with assistance before they are able to do it independently. Read more ›
The Knewton Platform Team
The Knewton platform team builds the core scalable components of the Knewton adaptive learning platform. Watch members of the team discuss the challenges in scalability and optimization with which they wrestle on a daily basis.
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Up for Debate
There’s a lot of talk about the digital divide — rich kids have access to tech, poor kids don’t. Back in January, Jose wrote a blog post about how ed tech might temporarily make the digital divide worse, since poor students will gain access to technology after richer students. But what if even equal access to tech makes the achievement gap worse? As a Slate article details, recent research suggests that when provided with the same technology, affluent kids use the technology more productively than poorer students. “The already advantaged gain more from the technology than do the less fortunate.” Assuming this is true, is there a way to stem this tide? How can we introduce tech in a way that benefits everyone?
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Teacher Feature
At Knewton, we have a lot to learn from teachers. In this blog post, we share insight from math and English Language Arts teacher Kate McKeon on motivating students in the digital age. Read more ›
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