Do "learning styles" exist? In this month's feature, Jose reframes this long-standing debate. Plus, we put more newsletter in the newsletter.

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Rebooting "Learning Styles"

by Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder & CEO
What “learning styles” are and whether they exist is a longstanding debate in the education world. Some educational researchers argue there are no distinct learning styles. Recently, a chorus has been growing who insist this is a proven fact.

To me, it’s pretty obvious that different learning styles exist — that is, that different ways of learning certain concepts are more or less productive for certain students. But until now, we’ve simply lacked the tools to measure them properly. Read more ›
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Patent Pending
Knewton is excited to announce that we’ve been awarded a United States patent related to our adaptive learning platform. While self-contained apps have been around for a while, Knewton’s core innovation is a data platform that can connect all those apps by utilizing their anonymized data streams to drive stronger content recommendations for students to improve learning outcomes. We’re proud to have this invention recognized by the U.S. Patent Office.
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Knewton Partners with Sebit  Read more ›
Knewton Partners with Microsoft Read more ›
Building with Knewton: 5 Real-World Examples
by David Liu, Knewton COO
"One of the best parts of being a technology platform in the edtech industry is seeing firsthand the incredible innovation happening in the space. Each of our partners is constantly finding new ways to improve the content, pedagogy, and user experience of their digital apps."

In this blog post, David explores some of the specific ways partners are using Knewton to build brand-new digital apps or enhance existing products. Read more ›
Movers and Shakers
We saw Lindsey Own, a middle grades science educator, present a workshop at SXSW and loved her approach to edtech innovation. Lindsey is a moderator of #DKT12chat, a weekly conversation about design thinking in K-12 education. Check out her recent article on EdSurge: The Myths and Realities of the Edtech Community.
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Knerds on the Board: The Evolution of Content
In this episode, Knewton client manager and long-time ELT and publishing professional Sally Searby talks about the evolution of content in the digital age.

Plus, our content curation team explores the many facets of differentiated instruction.
"One of the first things we must realize in any implementation of blended learning is the fundamental, essential role of the teacher. When the digital content augments the teacher's ability and works collaboratively with him/her, it's a win-win for all parties involved — especially the students. What would it look like if digital curriculum were designed with this in mind?"
-Chris Liang-Vergara, The Huffington Post
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Mastery-Based Learning is a teaching method premised on the idea that student progression through a course should be dependent on proficiency as opposed to amount of time spent on academic work. Read more ›
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