This month, we address Knewton's stance on data privacy. Read on to learn about the standards we hold ourselves to with regard to student data.

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Protecting Student Data: 10 Guiding Principles

by Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder and CEO
Last month, I addressed the most common arguments people use today against big data in education. As Knewton emerges as a global leader in big data for education, it is increasingly our responsibility to explain both the benefits and the limits of data. Ever since Knewton was founded, we’ve been as careful as possible with student data (so much so that we don’t even hold any Personally Identifiable Information for our partners’ students).

Over the years, we’ve carefully arrived at the standards, below, that we hold ourselves to. Given the recent debate over data in edtech, it occurred to us that others who are still formulating their own standards may be interested in learning about ours. One problem with standards is that they can quickly become outdated and stifle progress in ways that were never intended. Another is that they are targeted at today’s problems (real or perceived), and those problems will change. We’ve tried hard to make our standards comprehensive, attainable, and future-proof.

First, five principles we consider inviolable: Read more ›
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Six Years of Knewton
by David Liu, Knewton COO
Recently, we celebrated Knewton's sixth birthday. It seems that each year brings more progress and change than all the previous years combined, and this past year was no different.

We’re using our latest round of funding ($51 million) to continue to extend our technological leadership and support rapid growth globally, including a new office across the pond in London. Our partnerships with leading education companies brought Knewton-powered products to over 4 million students in 250,000 classrooms in 120 countries around the globe. We expect to have over 7 million students using products powered by the Knewton platform by the end of this year. Read more ›
Movers and Shakers
High school math teacher Stacey Roshan’s goal is “to empower teachers with ideas and tools to enrich the classroom experience and engage learners.” A NAIS Teacher of the Future, Stacey writes and speaks frequently about flipping the math classroom and other topics related to ed tech. Check out her blog for lots of helpful resources!
Data Stories: Active Time and Intervention
What is data's role in the classroom? With dozens if not hundreds of students across multiple classrooms, teachers don't have the time to perform in-depth analysis on every individual's work patterns. But if they did —what kind of information would they look for? What questions would they use that information to help answer? This is what Knewton’s data scientists think about as they build the data models that produce Knewton's inferred metrics. Read more ›
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Welcome Eugene, Michael, Sam, Giancarlo, Arnon, Raghav, Michael, and Jay ›

Knewton strives to hire as many qualified female employees as possible. We'd love to have an equal ratio of male and female Knerds. However — as is clear from the above photo — we're not there yet. Today, 30% of our team is women. We try very hard in both our recruiting and our benefits to appeal to women. If you're a women in tech and interested in working for Knewton, or know someone who is, take a look at our open jobs and reach out!
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What Does It Take to be a Teacher?
How much does a teacher work in a year? Which country's teachers spend the most hours working per year? How many hours a day does a teacher spend instructing students vs. grading papers vs. performing other roles? See exactly what it takes to be a teacher in Knewton's latest infographic.

Are you an educator yourself? Tell us what a typical day-in-the-life is like for you.
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"Data is rocket fuel in the education space."

-Karen Cator, President and CEO of Digital Promise, at the ASU GSV Summit
Data & Commutes
"Commutes are the worst. They hurt job satisfaction, and they cause stress and illness, depression, and even divorce. That’s before we even get to lost productivity...
When Knewton was evaluating potential office locations, the issue of commute time was one of the most important decision criteria. As a data company, we decided to examine this criteria in a data-driven way." Read more ›
Ed Tech 101
Formative Assessment can refer to a variety of assessment types that are employed during the learning process in order to improve the process itself. Read more ›
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