What makes Knewton... Knewton? This month, Jose explains the problems Knewton was founded to solve, and details the technical infrastructures we've built along the way. Read on!

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Heavy Duty Infrastructure for the Adaptive World

By Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder & CEO
"Knewton envisions a world of adaptive learning apps, a world where every app maker is by definition an adaptive app maker. But there’s a potential obstacle to such a world. While it’s relatively straightforward to make simple differentiated learning apps, it’s extremely difficult and expensive to make proficiency-based adaptive learning. There are many apps on the market today that offer rich learning experiences, with wonderful instructional design, content, and pedagogy. But without proficiency-based adaptivity, these apps are severely limited. "

What is proficiency-based adaptivity, and why is it so crucial? In this blog post, Jose answers these questions, and explains precisely what infrastructures are required for proficiency-based adaptive learning. Read more ›
How Tech Can Help Personalize Instruction
In this video, members of the Knewton academics team explain how Knewton recommendations can help teachers personalize instruction to meet individual learners' needs and steer them towards ultimate learning goals.
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From the Knewton Tech Blog
Student Latent State Estimation with the Kalman Filter: Knewton interns Sophie Chou and Andersen Chen show how the Kalman Filter can apply to student learning.

Introducing the KassandraMRHelper: Software engineer Giannis Neokleous introduces an internal library for bulk extracting data out of Cassandra into Hadoop with zero hits to the Cassandra cluster.

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2013 World Technology Awards
We're excited to announce that Knewton won the 2013 World Technology Award in Education. The awards recognize those who are "doing the innovative work of the greatest likely long-term significance in their fields."
The Economist's Innovation Awards Ceremony
Knewton Founder and CEO Jose Ferreira will speak.
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