Welcome! In this issue, Jose predicts the impact of online courses (massive and not) on the future of education, while David shares some exciting news about Knewton's expanding international presence. Cheers!

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A Direction for Online Courses

by Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder & CEO
"According to The New York Times, 2012 was the 'Year of the MOOC' ('massive open online class'), but it could have more accurately been called 'the year elite colleges embraced online courses.' While MOOCs are important, they are merely a subset of a much larger phenomenon. The continued growth and acceptance of online courses — whether in primary, secondary, or higher education; credit bearing or not; private or open; paid or free; delivered by for-profit or not-for-profit institutions — is a seismic shift in the education universe."

In his latest post, Jose lays out the current landscape of online courses, arguing that MOOCs, while revolutionary, are also "incomplete." What is the future of MOOCs and other online courses? Read more ›
London Calling: Knewton's First International HQ
by David Liu, Knewton COO
NYC team members bid farewell to Knerds moving across the pond.

"A year ago, having a team of Knerds based in Europe would have been nice. We could have saved money on plane tickets and cut out the hassle of scheduling meetings across time zones. But today, as demand for Knewton’s adaptive learning technology continues to surge, an international home base is a necessity."

In this post, David explains why we're setting up shop in London to better serve our European partners. Read more ›
Introducing the Krobot
With our new office across the pond comes a need to keep in touch with faraway Knerds. See our new tool for remote communication in action.
"What It Takes: Personalized Learning"
Last week, as part of NBC's 2013 Education Nation Summit, Knewton founder & CEO Jose Ferreira participated in a panel on personalized learning along with Joel Klein of Amplify, Joel Rose of New Classrooms Innovation Partners, and Diane Tavenner of Summit Public Schools. You can see the panel around 1 hour 20 minutes in this video.
Knerds on the Board: How Do We Stack Crabs?
Our Knerds on the Board series features different Knewton team members explaining problems and projects related to their work here. In this video, QA engineer Jonathan Bethune discusses how Knewton leverages Amazon Web Services using a deployment tool developed in-house. Read more ›
Introducing "The Knerd," the Knewton Periodical
Check out the online edition of Knewton's new print magazine, The Knerd, focused on education, tech, and startup culture. The first issue features a spotlight on Knewton's Content Curation team and answers the question you've all been asking: How many cans of seltzer do the Knerds at Knewton really go through in a month? Read more ›
New York EdTech Meetup: Titans of Industry
TechinMotion's Tech Education Panel
2013 National Summit on Education Reform
Knewton founder & CEO Jose Ferreira will speak at the conference, which is hosted by Governor Jeb Bush and the Foundation for Excellence in Education.
DevOps Days NYC 2013
Director of Marketing Robbie Mitchell will give an Ignite talk.
Wireless Influencers
Jose will speak at this conference, focused on innovations in wireless and digital media.
NY Open Statistical Programming Meetup October 2013: Divide and Recombine (D&R) for Large Complex Data
The meetup will take place at Knewton HQ.
Future of Education 3: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in Edtech
Co-hosted by Be Social Change, Centre for Social Innovation, and Knewton, the event will take place at Knewton HQ. VP of Product Brian Fitzgerald will speak.
Building a Smarter University: Big Data, Innovation, and Ingenuity
VP of Adaptive Learning and Research David Kuntz will speak.
Silicon Valley Comes to the UK
Jose will speak at this annual event, intended to improve the ecosystem for entrepreneurship in the UK, Europe and beyond.
Knerd Alert
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Data Scientist Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineer - Big Data Humanities Content Curator

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New Knerds
Welcome Megan, Meagan, Erin, Eric, Josh, Renee, Andrew, and David! Read more ›
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Featured Ed Effort
Organized by the U.S. Department of Education, the second annual Connected Educator Month is focused on "helping districts promote and integrate online social learning in their formal professional development." Check out event listings, webinars, and other resources for connecting online with parents and other educators on their site.
Edtech Buzz
U. of Florida Online Bachelor's Programs Win State Approval (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
To Improve African Education, Focus on Technology (Harvard Business Review)
Building a District Culture to Foster Innovation (Education Week)
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