Happy fall! This month, Jose discusses the importance of the humanities in an increasingly STEM-centric world. Plus, read more about Knewton's partnership with Cambridge University Press.

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Don't Defund Humanities: They're Crucial to the Economy, Too

by Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder & CEO
“Everyone is talking about the crisis in STEM education — the shortfall of qualified scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians to fill the jobs of the future. The relative lack of STEM graduates in the U.S. is frequently cited as a threat to the country’s global standing. But lately there has been a growing outcry from the ‘other side of campus’ — humanities and social science departments wondering where their advocates have gone.”

In his latest post, Jose explores what skills our children will really need in the future economy. Why, in a global knowledge economy like the U.S., are we so focused on increasing STEM education, to the detriment of other disciplines? Read more ›
Cambridge Univ. Press Partners with Knewton
We're excited to announce that Cambridge University Press — one of the world's foremost global English Language Teaching (ELT) publishers — will use Knewton technology to add personalization to its digital products. Read more ›
Ed Efforts We Admire
Innovation is in the air in New Orleans. Eight years after Hurricane Katrina, the city has begun in many ways to redefine itself, with the storm “[kickstarting] an age of innovation and an economic renaissance in a city written off for dead.” Though entrepreneurial efforts span industries, education is a major focus. Katrina incited a community-wide effort to enact positive change in New Orleans’ already-struggling schools.

One of the organizations dedicated to encouraging edtech innovation both in New Orleans and beyond is 4.0 Schools, an early-stage incubator that brings together teachers, entrepreneurs, and technologists looking to create lasting change. Rather than focus on temporary band-aid solutions for deep-rooted problems, 4.0 Schools launches “relevant solutions that redefine how we teach and learn.” Read more ›
On the Airwaves
Speaking of New Orleans — Knewton VP of Research and Adaptive Learning David Kuntz recently joined Charlie McMahon, VP of Information Technology and CTO for Tulane University, for an extended interview on CIO Talk Radio. The topic? "Reforming Education with Big Data." Listen here ›
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Knewton COO David Liu will be in attendance.
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Knewton founder and CEO Jose Ferreira will be speaking.
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