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Knewton Partners with Wizard in Brazil

Posted in Adaptive Learning on September 26, 2014 by

A teacher and students in a Wizard learning center.

Brazil’s economy is growing rapidly, and the country is actively working to improve access to education, increase graduation rates, and encourage English language learning. At Knewton, we’re thrilled to join this effort through our partnership with Wizard, a leader in professional and language training in Brazil.

Wizard, which Pearson acquired in December 2013, is a leading language school in the Brazilian market, with more than 1,200 schools in Brazil, the United States, Japan, Costa Rica, and Paraguay. We’re excited to enter Brazil’s language learning space with such a trusted partner at both the national and local level.

Today, Wizard launched WIZARD Plus, a Knewton-powered digital training course that offers students of all ages a personalized learning experience. WIZARD Plus will be used in WIZARD learning centers across the country, enabling Brazilian students to learn English in a way that suits them best. WIZARD Plus includes adaptive in-class assignments for tablets, a website with additional activities, and soon a mobile app for practice.

A Wizard learning center.

As Sally Searby, one of my colleagues at Knewton with nearly two decades of experience in the language learning sector, puts it, “Adaptive learning courses offer an excellent way to learn a language as they take students on their own personalized learning journey and help them focus on the skills and language acquisition where they need the most support.” As students progress through the course, Knewton analyzes anonymized data to figure out what each student knows and recommends what exactly an individual should study — helping students at all levels progress more effectively toward their language learning goals.

For more information, check out the full press release