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Triumph Learning Launches Waggle

Posted in Adaptive Learning on June 30, 2014 by

One of the most exciting parts of my job as an implementation architect at Knewton is seeing Knewton-powered products come to life. After lots of research and hard work, Triumph Learning — one of Knewton’s first API partners — is launching Waggle, an educational product designed to help students practice skills and prepare for assessment in a supportive, engaging environment.

Powered by Knewton adaptive learning and aligned with National Common Core Standards, Waggle is built for grades 3-8 and available in both Math and English Language Arts (ELA). Teachers can use Waggle in the classroom or assign it as homework. Waggle uses games, review sections, progress indicators, and other fun features to engage students in the learning process.

Today’s classrooms are filled with students who have different needs, come from different backgrounds, and have different interests. Within Waggle, Knewton technology figures out what each student knows and recommends which concepts to work on next — helping all students meet course goals, master material, and get ahead. Teachers can assign specific assignments to their students, and Knewton will recommend the right practice items to help students complete the assignment successfully. Productive struggle is encouraged within Waggle: students can explore lessons and accelerate learning when appropriate.

For instructors, Waggle features a robust, easy-to-use interface that provides actionable information about their students, along with suggestions of ways to use that data to inform instruction and intervene when necessary. Educators can identify students who are struggling or excelling in certain content areas, and take immediate steps to remediate or accelerate as necessary.

Triumph built Waggle from the ground-up, integrating top-notch content, cutting-edge instructional design, and powerful adaptive learning. We’ve learned a lot from working with the team at Triumph Learning, and Waggle is truly a next-generation product of which Knewton is proud to be a part.