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EdTech News Roundup: Computer Studies Made Cool, Using Cloud Computing to Collaborate, and the ATTAIN Act

Posted in Ed Tech on June 17, 2011 by

Sculpture: OMG LOL by Michael Mandiberg / Eyebeam Art + Technology Center Open Studios: Fall 2009 / 20091023.10D.55420.P1.L1. / SMLIn this week’s EdTech News Roundup, read articles about increased interest in computer science, new edtech legislation in the Senate, and new uses of cloud computing.

1. How Slang Affects Students in the Classroom

LOL, IDK, BTW… the list of abbreviations used in text messages and social media is nearly endless. But how is this shorthand affecting students’ ability to write academic assignments? Read more in this article from U.S. News and World Report.

2. Is the iPad Ready to Replace the Printed Textbook?

According to the results of a classroom poll at Abilene Christian University, 3 out of 4 college freshman said that they’d be willing to purchase an iPad personally if at least half of their college textbooks were available digitally. Read more in this article from Campus Technology.

3. Computer Studies Made Cool, on Film and Now on Campus

Enrollment in college computer science programs is growing, thanks in part to the buzz from films like The Social Network and the celeb status of entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs. Read more in this article from The New York Times.

4. On Cloud Nine

Cloud computing isn’t just for school administrators anymore. Now, students are using tools like Google Apps, wikis, and more to collaborate and learn. Read about nine new projects utilizing the cloud in this article from THE Journal.

5. ‘Second Life’ Struggles to Catch On With Educators

Though educators were initially attracted to the opportunities afforded by Second Life, the expectations have in many ways fallen short. Read more in this article from Education Week‘s Digital Directions blog.

6. Education Groups Applaud New Ed-Tech Legislation

The Achievement Through Technology and Innovation (ATTAIN) Act (recently introduced into the Senate) would, if passed, work to bolster technology literacy and increase access to educational opportunities through online learning. Read more in this article from eSchoolNews.