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Featured Ed Effort: NYEdTech Meetup

Posted in Ed Tech on August 20, 2013 by

ny edtechEver since Knewton moved to a new office last summer, we’ve hosted a ton of meetups. One of our favorites has been the NYEdTech meetup, which focuses on the opportunities and challenges of education technology, and how tech can be used responsibly to help students learn. NYEdTech holds monthly meetups and has nearly 2,500 members. Recent events include “Mobiletime, and livin’ is easy” and “Here a MOOC, there a MOOC, everywhere a MOOC MOOC” (did we mention that they’re good with titles, too?).

Says organizer Adam Aronson, “The NY edtech community has been developing innovative solutions covering a wide swath of the educational spectrum; products range from encouraging early childhood reading like Biblionasium to extending computer hardware investments with Neverware. Our mission is to bolster the edtech industry while building a vibrant and collaborative social entrepreneurship movement.”