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Teacher Personal Learning Networks: Educators’ 4.7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Posted in Ed Tech on February 26, 2014 by

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s NYEdTech Meetup on Teacher Personal Learning Networks. This month’s meetup was another great event. Here’s a full rundown.

About the Event:

What are the most successful teachers doing differently? How is that experience being shared, and how can new teachers best learn from those that have come before them? Teachers are progressively forming broader and richer professional learning networks that often extend far beyond their schools’ boundaries. Let’s dig into how these PLNs are formed and what is exchanged by impactful educators.



Lisa Nielsen (@InnovativeEdu), The Innovative Educator

Chris Casal (@mr_casal), Technology Teacher at NYC DOE

Key Quotes:

PLNs give ppl the opp to set up their own classroom w/the ppl they want to learn from & when they want to learn. – @InnovativeEdu

“You need to be interesting. If you are boring, I delete you.” – @InnovativeEdu

“PLNs should change the landscape of education.” – @InnovativeEdu

“We can break it now, why wait for the future.” – @mr_casal

“There’ll be time built into a teacher’s schedule where they will be able to connect with their PLN.” – @InnovativeEdu

“Our kids are already building PLNs, but we need to be there to help and guide them.” – @InnovativeEdu

“Teachers should create a great model for how to have a positive PLN.” – @InnovativeEdu

.@CommonSense has some GREAT teaching resources on teaching students about social media and it’s potential uses and repercussions.

“Professional development doesn’t always come to you, sometimes you have to seek it out” via @InnovativeEdu

@NYEdTech  is the platform. Ours are:

Why on earth would 2nd graders use Twitter? Read this to find out. > @InnovativeEdu

NYEdTech Hosts:

Adam Aronson – – @adam_aronson

Sharon LaDay – – @lowbrowhightech

Tom Krieglstein – – @tomkrieglstein

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