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EdTech News Roundup: New Massive Open Online Courses, Teachers Warm up to EdTech, and Academic Publishing Goes Open Source

Posted in Teacher Tools on June 24, 2011 by

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In this week’s edtech news roundup, read articles about new ‘Massive Open Online Courses’ at U of Illinois – Springfield, teachers’ increasing affinity for educational technology, and a bill in Oregon expanding online charter schools.

1. Technology Keeps Students Tethered to Parents Longer than Previous Generations

With email, Skype, text messaging, Facebook, and other new ways of communication, the distance between college students and their parents is shrinking. Read more about the positive and negative implications of this cultural shift in this article from eCampusNews.

2. U of Illinois at Springfield Offers New ‘Massive Open Online Course’

A growing number of educators are making a push toward “open teaching” by offering “Massive Open Online Courses,” or “MOOTS,” which anyone can join. The University of Illinois at Springfield recently announced it would offer a MOOC on the state of online education and the future of e-learning. Read more in this article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

3. The More We Use It the More We Love It

Results from an annual survey indicate that as teachers’ use of technology increases, so does the amount of value they place upon it. Read more in this article from THE Journal.

4. Blogs Elbow Up to Journal Status in New Academic Publishing Venture

PressForward, a new project from The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, seeks to bring academic publishing into the 21st century with a platform that will highlight blog posts and conference papers. Read more in this article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

5. Oregon House Passes Bill Expanding Online Charter Schools

The controversial bill would allow up to 3 percent of the students in any local district to enroll in online charter schools. Read more in this article from The Huffington Post.