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EdTech News Roundup: Proficiency-Based Learning, Facebook in Schools, and How Students Use Technology

Posted in Ed Tech on August 12, 2011 by

In this week’s EdTech News Roundup, read articles about college students’ technology use, what Facebook does to kids’ brains, and UCLA’s new minor in digital technologies.

1. How Students Use Technology

Check out this infographic for a perspective on students’ use of — and dependence on — various forms of technology.

2. What Facebook Does to Kids’ Brains

Check out this Atlantic Wire article about the impact of Facebook — good and bad — on kids. Also check out a few related articles from Mindshift: 50 Reasons to Invite Facebook Into Your Classroom and Questioning Facebook in School.

3. A Beginner’s Guide to Integrating Technology

Want to start bringing your classroom into the modern age, but unsure of how to start? This helpful article will help guide you on your journey toward technology integration.

4. Students Assess Their Professors’ Technology Skills

The Chronicle of Education had four students make videos assessing their professors’ proficiency levels with technology. Spoiler alert: everyone’s over Powerpoint.

5. UCLA Offers Minor in Digital Humanities

The minor will cover “the use of new technologies for non-technological study” and allow students to apply their learning on the subject to their individual fields of interest. Read more in this article from ReadWriteWeb.

6. Beyond Seat Time: Advancing Proficiency-Based Learning

In this article from THE Journal, read about the movement to replace traditional advancement with advancement based on subject mastery — and the role that technology is playing in the shift.