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Adaptive Interactions Team: High Stakes Statistical Modeling

Posted in Education Videos on September 11, 2014 by

The Adaptive Interactions team is responsible for statistical models and engineering that supports Knewton’s low-latency recommendation product. For each work item completed by a student in a partner product, Knewton computes up-to-date beliefs about the student’s proficiency, level of engagement, progress toward teacher-specified goals, and several other dimensions in order to create a personalized recommendation tailored toward the very next thing that the student should work on. The video below explores the team’s culture and day-to-day work.

“We’re leveraging state of the art statistical modeling techniques and we need people who can bring that to life and deliver value to people … We need to tie the statistics and the math and all the engineering work to actual pedagogical value and impact to students.”

-Brandon Reiss, Data Scientist

“If doing data science, if being an engineer, if being great at that, is something that motivates you, then Knewton is the place to be … We’re tackling a problem that is literally unsolved. But that’s not even by itself the reason why you should want to work here … The reason you should want to work here is that the stakes for what we do is so incredibly high. We have to make sure that every student who comes on to the Knewton platform is actually learning better every single day.”

-John Davies, Managing Data Scientist

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