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Data Science at Knewton: Representing the Learning Experience

Posted in Education Videos on July 7, 2014 by

By analyzing data to figure out what a student knows, Knewton recommends what to study next, helping more students master material and get ahead. In this video, Knewton data scientists explore the technical challenges of making Knewton adaptive learning a reality.

“One of the things that brought me to Knewton, that keeps me at Knewton, that excites me about where we’re going is that one day we’re going to know from the data, how people learn at a level that we’ve never ever been able to access before.”
-David Kuntz, VP of Research and Adaptive Learning

“Being a data scientist at Knewton really means a combination of three things: first of all, you’ve got to be able to do some really hardcore engineering, you’re also going to do a lot of scientific research; you’re going to be looking at our data, you’re going to be looking other people’s data and trying to figure out what things people have learned apply to what we’re trying to do here. Finally, you’re going to have to become a domain expert…. how to take this messy thing we call learning in the real world and represent it in the data formats that we use to drive our models.”
-George Davis, Director of Data Science

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