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Introducing the “WTF” Series: WTF Is the Internet? [VIDEO]

Posted in Education Videos on August 8, 2011 by

Here at Knewton, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the brightest educators, developers, designers, and marketing gurus around. With so much brainpower floating around, it might seem like it should be easy to learn from one another. But what we realized recently is that while we want to share knowledge and bounce ideas off one another, often it feels like we’re all speaking different languages. We’re such n00bs when it comes to the other guy’s area of expertise that we don’t even know how to ask about what we don’t know. You know?

Introducing WTF Brown Bags. These informal lunchtime presentations aim to give team members a basic level of knowledge about… something. We’re talking simple stuff, stuff that (if you’re not in that particular field) you’ve probably been pretending to understand for too long. WTF is the Internet? WTF is a programming language? WTF is marketing?

We love our WTF talks. And then we realized: we can’t be the only people out there with some gaps in our knowledge base. So we decided to share them with the world outside Knewton, too. Welcome!

First up: WTF is the Internet? You think you know… but do you really? Knewton CTO Pete Miron takes us through it. Enjoy, and leave any questions in the comments!

WTF Brown Bags are curated by Sean Miller and Ian Parker. Video editing was done by Ian Parker and Justin Bonilla.