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MBA News Roundup: B-Schools Opt Out of Ethics Rankings, Admissions Advice from Stanford GSB Dean, and More

Posted in Test Prep on October 10, 2011 by

Welcome to another installment of Knewton’s MBA News Roundup! This week, check out articles on why some top b-schools aren’t participating in ethics rankings, the difficulty of molding leaders in MBA programs, and application insights from the Dean of Admissions at Stanford GSB.

1. Top B-Schools Opt Out of Ethics Rankings
Five of the top ten U.S. b-schools decided not to participate in this year’s Aspen Institute ranking of MBA programs’ ethical and environmental impact. What gives?

2. Why MBA Programs Don’t Produce Leaders

This week, check out this Forbes staff writer’s take on why MBA programs aren’t conducive to breeding leaders. Next week, check out a different staff writer’s take on why they do!

3. Ticket to an MBA

Stanford GSB Dean of Admissions Derrick Bolt offers some unlikely advice on what he’s looking for in an application.

4. Business Schools Must Be Wary of Short-Term Myopia

Myopia (Greek: μυωπία, muōpia): lack of imagination, foresight, intellectual insight.

Tuition set at about thirty thousand gypsy tears per year.