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GMAT Prep Update: Get Support and Connect with Other Students at Answers.Knewton.Com

Posted in Test Prep on May 31, 2011 by

One of the most important aspects of the GMAT prep experience is the ability not only to ask questions, but also to work through mistakes, and, ultimately, understand where you went wrong.

Often, simply asking a question and receiving an answer isn’t enough to really stimulate learning — which is why our GMAT prep team has been hard at work creating our new Answers forum. Starting today, we’ll be shifting all our academic support from to our new, interactive forum. At, you can connect with other students who are experiencing similar difficulties and browse through previously asked questions and answers for instant help.

Every question from the Knewton homework and extra practice assignments has been linked to the forum topic in Confused on a homework question from Sentence Correction lesson 2? Just locate the question by topic or lesson to start a discussion with other students or see previous inquiries on the same question. Knewton teachers will also be available in the forums to moderate and answer student questions.

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