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The Making of Our EDUCAUSE Booth, and 2011 Conference Run-down

Posted in Knerds on January 3, 2012 by

Our marketing team made it to a total of 33 conferences this year, from New York to San Francisco, Orlando to Madison, and many places in between. We had a great time talking to educators, administrators, and other edtech aficionados at each one.

One of the highlights of the year was the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Philadelphia, where we unveiled a brand new booth to showcase our technology and give the conference attendees a chance to try out Knewton for themselves.

Here are a few pictures of the evolution of our booth (thanks to Spitball for their design help, and these pictures!):

The initial blueprint:

Time to add the graphics:

The finished product: 

Jessie and me in front of the booth in the EDUCAUSE exhibit hall: 

Finally, for a more comprehensive sense of what EDUCAUSE was like, here’s a fun timelapse video:

Of course, EDUCAUSE was just one of many great conferences we attended in 2011. Here’s the full list:



Jessie and Charlie at Sloan-C in Orlando



Jose speaking at FASTech in NY







You’ll find us at even more conferences in 2012! Check out our event schedule or subscribe to our Plancast page to hear about our conference plans on an ongoing basis.