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EdTech News Roundup: Calls to Reinstate EETT, Using Technology to Improve Legal Education, and the Debate Over Kindergartners and iPads in Maine

Posted in Knerds on April 23, 2011 by

In this week’s EdTech News Roundup, read articles about educational uses for social networking, efforts to reinstate Enhancing Education Through Technology, and the attempt to use technology to revitalize legal education.

1. Social Networks Used for Study, Friends

Facebook and Twitter aren’t only for socializing, according to a new poll. They’re also useful for studying and networking.

2. Groups Call for Reinstatement of Federal Ed Tech Program

The fiscal year 2011 appropriations bill cut funding for Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT), the only dedicated federal funding for technology in education. Read more about how education advocacy groups are lobbying for its reinstatement in this article from THE Journal.

3. Kindergartners Getting iPads

A school in Maine is pulling together funds to ensure that all kindergarten students get iPads. Watch this CNN video for more on this controversial initiative.

4. Technology — and Action — Emphasized as Tools to Improve Legal Education

Legal education has been notoriously slow to incorporate technological advances. Legal educators recently came together at conferences spearheaded by Harvard and NYU to discuss possible ways to embrace innovation.

5. How Technology and Online Learning Could Radicalise British Schools

Read Neil O’Brien’s take on how “School of One,” a program pioneered in NYC schools that creates personalized “playlists” of lessons for students, could revolutionize British schools.