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Flash-Frisbee Giveaway in Union Square [VIDEO]

Posted in Knerds on March 7, 2012 by

Last Friday was Hack Day here at Knewton. In between some hard-core brainstorming and coding, a few Knerds decided to take some time to tackle a pressing office problem.

The dilemma: For quite some time now, there have been a bunch of extra Knewton Frisbees lying around the office — more Frisbees than any company (even one with its own recreational Ultimate Frisbee team) could ever use.

The solution: A flash-Frisbee distribution in Union Square! After all, if there’s anything people love more than a Frisbee, it’s a free Frisbee.

The result: A little bit of fun and levity was added to the lives of our fellow New Yorkers on a Friday afternoon (and the gospel of Knewton was spread!).

Check out the video we filmed for more:

(Music by Sláinte)