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Introducing Four New Knerds

Posted in Knerds on May 15, 2015 by

L-R: Dylan, Mendy, Pam // Pictured below: Zohar


Welcome four new Knerds!

Originally from Israel, Zohar Yardeni joins Knewton as chief product officer. Previously, Zohar ran the product team at ZocDoc. Zohar received an MBA from Columbia Business School and a B.A. from Cornell University. His favorite movie is the Big Lebowski and he loves snowboarding. If he could witness any event past, present, or future, it would be the creation of the universe.

Dylan Kolleeny joins the learning team. She is a New York City native and attended the University of Vermont, before becoming a middle school and high school science teacher. Her hobbies include cooking and hiking. Her favorite TV show is Breaking Bad and her biggest pet peeve is pole-huggers on the subway.

Pamela Hersperger, from Vermont and also a UVM grad, is the senior manager for the learning team. She previously managed the content team and content strategy at Flat World Knowledge. Her biggest pet peeve is drivers who don’t stop at crosswalks. Her hobbies include running and skiing, and her favorite fast food chain is Shake Shack.

Mendy Berkowitz, originally from New York, is new to the SRE team. Before Knewton, he attended Yeshiva University and worked as a systems administrator at Fog Creek Software. His biggest interest is whiskey, his favorite book is Catch 22, and his favorite time of the year is the NHL playoffs.