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Introducing the Interns

Posted in Knerds on June 17, 2015 by

L-R back: Alan, Ben, Boijian, Devon, Daniel, Sid L-R front: Justin, Chloe, Jemmin, Jessie

Welcome to 10 new summer interns!

Ben Plaut:  Ben, a Carnegie Mellon University computer science major and Pittsburgh native, joins the adaptive learning team. He loves eating sushi and his favorite book is Harry Potter. If deserted on an island, Ben would bring a bunch of rocks.

Meet Somers, NY local, Jemmin Chang, who joins the platform team this summer. Jemmin studies computer science and linguistics at Carnegie Mellon University. He loves eating homemade ice cream, listening to Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor, and traveling to new places.

Daniel Chen joins the consumer team this summer at Knewton. He is originally from Taiwan and currently studies computer science at New York University. Daniel describes himself as empathetic, tolerant, and aspiring. His favorite place to travel is Japan. His favorite movie, “The Wind Rises,” is also Japanese.

Cornell University chemical engineering major and Seal Beach, California local Justin Khalil joins the learning team this summer. Justin loves eating good ramen and listening to T-Pain’s NPR Music Tiny Desk concert. If Justin were abandoned on an island he would bring SmartWater —  not for the electrolytes, just because he likes the taste.

Chloe Calvarin is part of the adaptive learning team at Knewton. She currently studies computer science at Harvey Mudd College. Born in France and raised in New Jersey, Chloe is a sailor and cook (she loves chocolate and ratatouille). If she were stranded on a deserted island she would bring a pocket knife for survival.

Sid Reddy, a Brownsville, Texas native and Cornell University computer science major, joins the research team this summer. Sid’s favorite food is smoked salmon, and his favorite movie is Interstellar. His favorite place to travel is Europe. If marooned on an island, he would bring a satellite phone.

Hailing from the old steel town of Youngstown, Ohio, Jessie Dann (that’s me!) joins the marketing team this summer. She is an English major at Arizona State University and loves eating steak and reading “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran. Her favorite place to travel is in her imagination. If abandoned on an island she would be sure to have her dog, Token, with her.

Welcome to Alan Jaffe, a Carnegie Mellon computer science major from Solon, Ohio. This summer, the “always curious” Alan joins the test engineering team at Knewton. He loves the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and eating pasta. When asked what he would bring along if stranded on an island, Alan said he would choose a boat.

Devon Pinkus, originally from Bensalem, PA, joins the adaptive learning team at Knewton. Devon graduated from the University of North Carolina, where he studied psychology and business. He loves to travel anywhere there is adventure and pasta involved. His favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck and he describes himself as mindful, creative, and compassionate.

Hailing from Singapore, Boijian Han is currently a computer science student at Carnegie Mellon University.  He joins the adaptive QA team at Knewton. Bojian loves anything cherry-flavored and loves to travel along rivers. If he were stranded on a deserted island, he would bring his notebook for safety.