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Knewton Gets Some Great Press

Posted in Knerds on August 13, 2009 by

We’re all really excited about a few features that came out this week.  We knew our customers were happy, but it’s also rewarding to see that our hard work is generating some buzz.

BusinessWeek. In the magazine’s bi-annual review of the best GMAT prep courses on the market, the former CEO of Kaplan says “I hate to say it, but Knewton has rendered every other test prep company totally obsolete.” The article concludes that “Knewton, with its all-online format, is convenient for just about anyone and might be a particularly good solution for those who travel often or like to spend many hours online.” And that “By eliminating costs, such as rent and supplies for classrooms, and the travel costs you’d have to spend to get to the class, Knewton is also one of the most affordable options available.” Read the full piece here.

FastCompany. Anya Kamenetz, in her article about how “Edupunks” are transforming education, quotes our CEO, Jose Ferreira, as saying “The Internet disrupts any industry whose core product can be reduced to ones and zeros.” The article went on to mention Knewton as one of the companies cutting down big trees in the online education forest. Read the whole thing here.

In yet another piece, FastComapany listed Knewton as one of the “5 Startups to Watch.” Citing that we “promise to customize content for each student, down to the concept level, with integrated assessment tools.” Check out the full list here.