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Knewton Partners with Microsoft

Posted in Knerds on March 12, 2014 by

Today, Microsoft announced a global alliance with Knewton to provide adaptive learning for more students around the globe. We’re thrilled to work together with Microsoft to make education more personalized, for more students.

Microsoft plans to introduce its vast partner and publisher ecosystem to Knewton so these partners can leverage the Knewton API and create learning experiences that adapt to each student. Additionally, by introducing Knewton technology to Ministries of Education around the world, Microsoft can streamline nationwide deployments of adaptive learning materials, helping more students access a more personalized learning experience.

For publishers and content providers that currently work with Microsoft (or plan to in the future), the partnership creates an exciting opportunity to incorporate adaptive learning seamlessly into product offerings. This means that publishers will be able to offer robust predictive analytics for teachers plus continuously updated recommendations for what each student needs to study next.

Knewton’s current partners include many of the world’s leading educational publishers. These companies use the Knewton infrastructure to improve learning outcomes by providing proficiency-based adaptivity and predictive analytics to students and teachers. But this isn’t the only way companies can work with Knewton. A wide variety of organizations — including LMSs, course delivery systems, app providers, hardware developers, and others — can leverage the Knewton platform to deliver adaptive learning. Knewton’s partnership with Microsoft is an early example of this flexibility.

Knewton and Microsoft are dedicated to using technology to improve opportunities for individuals in communities across the world. By bringing together Microsoft’s global reach and Knewton’s adaptive learning infrastructure, we can help more students reach their full potential. Stay tuned for details as the partnership unfolds and we announce upcoming projects.

The Knewton team is at the Microsoft Partner in Learning (PIL) Global Forum in Barcelona, Spain this week. Stop by our booth to say hi!