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Countdown to Davos: Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions

Posted in Knerds on January 16, 2011 by

As a countdown to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos, we’re profiling all 30 of our fellow 2011 Tech Pioneer award winners. Check our full profile series to learn more.

Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions

What they do:

In Nigeria, due to low power generation, an overloaded power system, and fluctuating voltage, there are frequent brownouts and blackouts throughout the country. These outages result not only in inefficiency and inconvenience but also in injury and even death. Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions is addressing this problem by making inverters that work on a variety of power sources (including solar, wind, and battery). The company was founded by a doctor who was dismayed by the deaths caused during power outages during childbirth and surgeries. Today, Quintas’ inverters are used in hospitals, clinics, and residential homes. Plus, Quintas is also committed to using Nigeria’s natural resources–wind, solar, dam brooks, gas resources, and biogas–to increase the country’s power supply.

Why it’s cool:

A power outage might not seem like a big deal–in fact, when it happens once a year, it might even seem kind of fun (board games by candlelight, anyone?) But regular power outages not only disrupt the flow of business–they can cost lives. Quintas’ inverters help stabilize life in Nigeria by preventing against these outages. What’s more, the company’s commitment to developing and using natural resources to improve power generation is good for the environment–and for Nigeria.

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