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Top Five Knewton Videos of the Year

Posted in Knerds on December 28, 2011 by

Here at Knewton, we make a lot of videos. Some have instructional content for students, some have information about our products, and some are made just for fun. (And no, you may not see the ignominious footage from our annual holiday party. That video will be released 75 years after all of our deaths.)

But just in cased you missed any of our videos, we thought it would be fun to release our five favorite videos from the last year. It’s a mixed bag of academia, silliness, and Stormtroopers, just like the people who work here.

Without further ado…

1. Behind the Scenes at Knewton Hack Day

You’re telling me I get paid to smash stuff with a sledgehammer? Where do I sign up?

2. Knewton Job Profiles

Find out how Trevor navigates a world filled with coding and Lord Vader’s evil henchmen…

…while Jesse uses his Ph.D in Data Science to act like a six-year old on a beach.

3. Knewton Roundtable

Listen to three heavy-hitters from the adaptive world talk business in this six-part series.

4. Knewton Brownbags

Knewton employees regularly share their independent research and work with other Knewton employees over lunch. And now, we bring those discussions to you! (WARNING: Do not click if you don’t enjoy dorky jokes.)











5. The Week We Built a Lego Death Star (Time Lapse)

Our software developers needed a fully armed and operational place to live.

Our New Year’s resolution is to keep bringing you more videos! Let us know what you’d like to see, and you just might find it in the Knewton Blog in 2012.

Happy Holidays!