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Welcome Josh, Win, Susan, and Chris

Posted in Knerds on July 15, 2013 by

Chris, Susan, Win, and Josh

Four team members joined Knewton this month. Here’s a quick rundown of our newest Knerds.

Originally from Manhattan, Josh Gordon attended Yale and taught at Beaumont High School in St. Louis before joining Knewton’s Content Curation team. Currently Josh spends much of his time errantly wandering parts of New York he hasn’t been to yet. He thinks D3: The Mighty Ducks was way better than Mighty Ducks 1 and 2 combined. (Feel free to argue with him in the comments.)

Fellow Content Curator Win Suen comes to Knewton via Hong Kong, Jacksonville, FL, and, most recently, Princeton University. Win’s hobbies include photography, learning new languages, translating manuscripts, and traveling. Right now, she’s trying to read one canto of The Divine Comedy every night for the next 100 days. She grants anyone permission to take away her Knewton-kitchen snack privileges if she slacks off.

Former math teacher Susan D’Auria also joins Knewton as part of the Content Curation team. Susan’s favorite TV show is Lost and her hobbies include writing music, sketching, blogging, and collecting keyboards (the musical type). Despite others’ objections, Susan thinks Ke$ha can really sing. Find out more at

Chris Kish joins the Knewton Analytics team as a Data Analyst. Originally from outside Boston, Chris attended Stanford for undergrad and earned a M.S. from MIT. He worked previously as a management consultant. Chris’ favorite movie is WALL-E.