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Welcome Shawn, Vishal, and Ferdi

Posted in Knerds on September 6, 2012 by

New employee Vishal (left) gestures to new employee Shawn (center) as new employee Ferdi (right) listens carefully.
Shawn tries to quantify the excitement he feels at starting work at Knewton (“It’s bigger than a breadbox!”)
Shawn and Ferdi discuss their respective interpretations of typical breadbox size. Vishal, skeptical, looks on. (All photos by Josh Robinson)

Somehow, Labor Day has come and gone and fall is fast approaching. In the midst of a busy August, we welcomed three new Knerds to the Knewton team.

Shawn Lauzon joins us as a Senior Software Engineer on the Platform team. Originally from Austin, TX, and Madison, WI, Shawn graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Before coming to Knewton, he was working on Android development in Austin. As a brand-new New Yorker, Shawn’s hobbies right now center around all the errands and explorations involved in moving, but he also enjoys going to movies, seeing live music, DJing, and travel. Shawn’s favorite book is Great Expectations and he’s a Breaking Bad fan.

Vishal Patel joins us as an Adaptive Instruction Analyst. A native New Yorker, Vishal has degrees from NYU and Georgetown. Before joining Knewton he taught science and math to high schoolers. Vishal is a huge basketball and soccer fan, and, in his own words, “Rush Hour is by far my favorite movie ever.”

Originally from Indonesia, Ferdi Adeputra joins Knewton as a Software Engineer on our Platform team. Ferdi graduated from Brown University and was previously working as a Tech Analyst at Goldman Sachs. He’s excited about Knewton’s open-ended environment (luckily he came right in time for our first double Hack Day in a few weeks — doesn’t get more open-ended than that!). Ferdi’s hobbies include exploring new places, and his favorite travel destination is Mexico.