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Updated Instructor Experience

Posted in Higher Education, Knewton Courseware for Higher Ed on July 6, 2017 by


Our mission is to personalize learning for the world and in order to get there we have to ensure our product is easy to use and intuitive. We’ve spent the last few months talking to hundreds of professors using Knewton in their courses to learn what will improve their experience. They spoke and we listened! We have improved the instructor experience by making it more user friendly and added new functionality to streamline tasks. Our new Course Builder allows you to:

  1. Build and organize Courses faster
  2. Browse through all available content easily – see individual questions and instructional content, such as videos, available for a specific course
  3. Invite co-instructors to be part of your Course
  4. Manage when your students can access assignments to help pace them

Plus, our new navigation makes it easy for you to move through different parts of your Course!


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