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Student Spotlight — Afton Mielke: High School Junior in Love with Seattle and SAT Shortcuts (But Not Justin Bieber)

Posted in Test Prep on June 7, 2011 by


Afton Mielke


Conrad, Montana

Current grade:


What kind of college do you want to go?

I’m hoping to go to an urban area. I’m really, really crossing my fingers for a college near the Seattle area. I’ve only been there twice, but I fell in love!

Do you know what you want to major in? What would be your ideal job after college?

I’m hoping to major in both Biology and Psychology and maybe get a Ph.D. My ideal job would be in Cognitive Neuroscience, or Cognitive Psychology.

Can you tell us a little about your SAT prep experience?

My SAT prep experience was great! I would recommend it to anyone! My teacher was personal and very helpful. After a computer malfunction, he stayed an extra hour after with me, just to make sure I understood what we were going over. This happened on a couple of occasions, and he was so willing to help me! I took quite a bit of time out to study. If you want to include a five hour practice and two two-hour classes each week, I probably spent an average of thirteen hours a week practicing. It paid off so much, though! I felt super confident while taking the test, and I had a lot of fun taking the practice tests. Analyzing what I had learned in class was really fun for me! My favorite strategy was Plugging in Numbers in the math section. You don’t have to try every question, and it’s super satisfying when you figure out that an answer really works out with your work! Also, for some reason whatsoever, in the Reading Comp section, I love, love, love zoning. I love how easy it made answering the questions. I got a little peek at each question each time without stressing about it. I loved it. It made the reading seem like a little break between each “real” section. Their tips and tricks were really fun and awesome. I got excited to apply them to each five hour test I took on the weekends.

Have you taken the SAT yet?

I took the SAT May 7th, 2011, and I felt so confident while taking it. Using my Knewton skills was so much fun.

Any Knewton teacher shout-outs?

Arlo! You’re the best!

Lightning Round: Favorite song right now?

Right now? Umm… Arms by Christina Perri

Favorite TV show?

The Big Bang Theory. I also LOVE the Walking Dead when I can find a time that it’s on!

Justin Bieber: Love or hate?

…Let’s not even go there.

Harry Potter or Twilight?