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Big News: The Knewton SAT Course is Here

Posted in Test Prep on March 2, 2010 by

Knewton Launches First Online SAT Prep Course to Use Adaptive Learning Technology

Affordable, Interactive Test Prep Course with Advanced Capabilities Provides Students Around the World with the Resources They Need to Ace the SAT

New York, N.Y. — March 2, 2010 — Knewton, a leading online educational company, today announced the launch of its new SAT prep course. The course is the first in the industry to use adaptive learning technology to ensure that students raise their test scores. By hiring only the best teachers in the country and broadcasting classes online, Knewton offers a course far superior to any other, for a fraction of the price. With an introductory offer of $290 per course (regular price only $490) and the industry’s top money-back guarantee—at least a 150-point gain or a full refund—Knewton is offering the smartest test prep at an affordable price to aspiring college students.

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